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We have inventory available for immediate shipment to Myanmar and China.

Strong and Portable

  • A reliable life-saving shelter
  • 10 foot diameter single family size
  • Highly portable
  • Very strong structure: geodesic / tensegrity: more poles per square foot of covering makes extra strong.
  • Light weight and compact
  • Homeless refugees can pick up and carry their dome to distant villages if desired

Life Saving Shelter

  • Packaged dome can be stored for years
  • No components can rust, rot, or mildew
  • Instruction manual is printed in graphic and multi languages for simple and fast set up
  • Manual is laminated durability and water protected
10' Family Relief Shelter


  • Cover weighs 11 lb; poles 17 lb; total dome is 28 lb
  • UV stabilize covering last up to three years
  • 28 -3/4” diameter PVC poles are – 44.5” long
  • 4 -3/4” diameter PVC poles are 35”
  • Dome poles are equal
  • Peek poles (4) are equal length under 4’
  • 4’ poles package facilitates palletization

Additional Details

  • Door has special hooks for securing in wind (Hook with handle) (in the works) (?)
  • Door has a spreader pole to attached at the bottom of door
  • One side of door hooked allows for easy one hand access with door swinging closed behind you
  • Optional 10’ octagonal floor or 6×8 ground cloth (?)
  • Mimimal waste of fabric in construction
  • Minimal material used in construction
  • Only 23 clips needed
  • Only eight stakes needed
  • Family size – no dome jealousy or envy
  • Near vertical walls and high 7’ celling – feels roomy
  • Fast and easy to make
  • Fast to put up – only 32 poles
  • Affordable to manufacture

Benefits of Free Standing Shelters

  • Free standing
  • Dome is self guying
  • No guy lines to trip over
  • No guy line stakes to harm feet
  • No guy lines means tents can be set up and staked out closer to other domes refugee camps

Easy to Repair

  • Upper vents can be open even in the rain without leakage
  • Saplings, wood, bamboo and branches can be used as poles if needed for repair
  • No sewing, can not leak
  • Shingled construction allows Shelter to breath out moisture
  • Easy to repair in the field by hand

Included and Optional Components

  • All components include poles, covering and fasteners can be deconstructed by hand and reused
  • After structure is not needed PVC can be joining for plumbing applications
  • Shelter is made of only two pattern pieces **
  • Shelter can be easily manufactured in remote sites if needed from 4 and 5’ foot wide fabric requiring no sewing or other power tools

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